Two popular wild games! Can’t play anymore!

Nowadays เครดิตฟรี ทําเทิร์นโอเวอร์, there are many and varied games for us to choose from in the casino. It’s not easy to find the right game for all of us. Today, I would like to recommend an interesting game for all players to get to know and try to have fun together. Ruby Casino Queen and Sumo Showdown Both games are considered to have the best and most fun wild symbols to help players win the game more easily. Let’s briefly understand about the gameplay of each game And if any player wants to see what our new game has. It can be seen here Bitcasino .

Ruby Casino Queen game

Ruby Casino Queen is a microgaming slot game. Consisting of 5 reels and 20 paylines, this is a game that gives players a luxurious feel. As a player joins to benefit from a second chance, there are also free spins with wild symbols and multiplier wilds. The multiplier is increased by up to 6 times in which winnings occur at 6,411 times the player’s bet in the feature.

In the production section Most of the images are pretty simple. There is a velvet purple backdrop of diamonds, spades, hearts and clubs on the reels. There is also Gold 7s, Diamonds and Ruby Casino Queen herself. She gives the player the most rewards of 1.5, 3 or 20 times their stake for 3, 4 or 5 on a payline.

The Ruby Casino Queen comes with 3 types of wild symbols, where players have the normal wild, sticky wild and multiplier sticky wild. The normal wild appears only in the base game as well as with the same payout as the Ruby Casino Queen character, the wild replaces all scatter symbols. Other symbols to be careful is Free Spins Scatter when these 2 appear anywhere on reel 2, 3 or 4 reels with no scatter and will have to spin one more time. This is known as the re-spin feature. That will give you another chance to land the 3rd scatter to get the free spins feature. And if in the free spins feature, players will start with 9 free spins and a 2x multiplier. Scatter on reel 3 turns into Sticky Wilds multiplier. Additionally, Sticky Wilds can appear. in position Multiply Wild Sticky They appear and multiply by 1 each time, and will increase up to 6x if you’re lucky. The last 1 Sticky Wild or Multiplier appearing on all 5 reels will give you free spins. can add 3 more characters to increase to 12

Big wins are achieved through the free spins feature with a 6x multiplier if players fill their reels with a wild symbol. will cause the player to win 400 times the player’s bet. When doing this with a 6x multiplier, the stake payout is 2,400. However, what the player has to create a multiplier in order for the player to win as much as possible is 6,411 times the player’s stake in the free spins feature. Ruby Casino Queen This game is just like Just For The Win’s Rockabilly Wolves with a different theme.


Sumo Showdown Game

Sumo Showdown is nothing like a video slot game. It’s an Asian inspired game. It has everything every player needs. It is true that sometimes Simplicity is the best as there are beginners and those who don’t like complicated rules. Let’s take a look at the Sumo Showdown game.

game theme

This game plays like a simulated image to make it more clear. Many people gathered to watch the match. You can almost hear the cheers and excitement as you wait for the performers on the front stage. It wasn’t just the seats that had a beam of light shining above them. There are also yellow lamps scattered everywhere to help emphasize the feeling of the room even more. in general The music is Asian-inspired and it has a strong rhythm to prepare the players before the battle games begin.


The characters are very imaginative. The special symbol is A picture of a sumo judge holding a black fan and wearing a black hat and green clothes. There are also two sumo wrestlers in a special featured role. The routine consists of the sun rising behind a large and beautiful mountain. There is a black-haired and charming geisha holding a fan and parasol. Two teacups next to the bonsai and the one we are all familiar with. There are also letters such as A, K, Q, and J, and the numbers 9 and 10.

Betting Options and Formats

The gameplay from 4 rows and 4 reels with a total of 10 slots in a row wins. The maximum amount that can be wagered is 100 coins worth 10 coins while the lowest amount is 10 coins worth 0.01. The biggest payout if not included in the wild symbol is Cup symbols and marks on the mountain Followed by Mrs. Geisha, the lowest ones are Q, J, 9 and 10, and the letters A and K. The top has an autoplay button included. The good thing about it is Players may choose to modify the available options and, when spinning, stop.


Although there are not many features in this “OneTouch” video slot game, it is quite satisfying. The wild symbol is used in place of other characters. All except sumo wrestlers Those wrestlers will only show up on reels 1 and 4. When they stop on the reels it will result in the “Sumo Bout Re-spin” feature paying 2x the total bet! During that time, there will be up to 16 wild symbols on our reels.

Video slot games are charming in their artistic design and well-planned gameplay. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys games that inspire players. And this is a game that you must try. After seeing the trailer for two of our new games. think that many players People would love to try out all the new games that we’ve just carefully picked out for players right now. Interested players can Sign up to play all new Bitcasino games .

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