myths about counting cards

It mm88point was natural for the human race to look. “The Plan To Get Rich Fast” Who doesn’t want huge piles of cash that can be retrieved all the time?

Hollywood blockbusters such as Rain Man, The Hangover and 21 feature their own narrative, “Little Huts Today, Big Mansions Tomorrow”, which centers on the dark art of casino gaming: counting cards

It’s the charm of a complex mathematical world. The winner and the casino owner fell to his knees as his profit margins were wiped out by a number of savvy individuals.

It’s sad that we’re here to tell you that. The truth is quite different from what is understood.

It’s funny because it seems like almost everyone is frequented. Whether online casinos or casinos want to get involved, the phrase “Is card counting legal?” recorded nearly 28 million search results on Google!

There are specialized software and online training that teach the basics of card counting. And you can join a training course to learn more.

Card counting is big business outside of casinos. but this idea that could make you a millionaire overnight just a legend

However, knowing when high or low cards are dealt can be a definite benefit to players. And counting the cards will definitely reduce the casino’s profits.

Should you count the cards next time you go to the blackjack table? Here are five myths that may help you decide.

Myth #1: The card counter always wins.

You have Dustin Hoffman’s Raymond Babbitt and Zach Galifianakis, who plays Alan in The Hangover, to thank for hawking the myth that card counting is a shortcut to wealth in no time.

It’s likely to rain money in just a few minutes if you count the cards at the blackjack table, right?

Unfortunately, this is not the case at all. Because blackjack is a game in which players will keep accumulating on their way to victory, card counting – when done correctly. will be able to speed up that process only slightly.

Blackjack is a game of fortune. Most have stripes – win and lose – which can be explained by the rules of probability. The ability to count cards effectively Bad hands can’t be turned into winners – although it will save you from hits or stops at inappropriate times.

Put simply: counting cards doesn’t make a sudden game flip. This will put the casino at a disadvantage. The dealer still has an advantage even if you can count well – it’s just that you may withdraw a small amount.

Does the card counter always win? Of course not – if it actually works. Everyone would have done it!

Myth #2: Anyone Can Count Cards

We can all count to ten, right, but can we all remember sequences and patterns when we have so many distractions around us?

The key to counting cards is discipline and concentration. So while anyone can count cards, it actually takes a lot of skill to do so. If you lose focus on keeping track of where the cards are, you are in danger of losing as you “guess” where the 10 and the picture cards are.

When playing blackjack online It is possible that you will encounter all sorts of unwanted noise. when playing at home You might have a ringing phone. A lover who raises his voice at you from every angle. people who come and go and even social media terrifying to be avoided.

Are you able to focus and concentrate on counting your cards on the stimuli that occur around you?

that’s what we mean when we say Distractions can reduce the accuracy of card counting.

Another factor to consider is that card counting requires discipline in money management. Knowing when to hit and when to stop is important. But knowing when to bet big and small – pre-booking a strong hand. (or on the other hand) – is the key.

If you are unable to adjust your bet size properly then Even accurate card counting costs money – which is as simple as that.


Myth #3: Counting cards requires excellent memory.

According to “the Rain Man” being a genius, you might think that only someone with a high IQ can be a card counter.

It’s not about being smart like that. And you don’t need a perfect memory. But you need to be able to memorize sequences and/or follow strategies for it to work.

Always remember that the main purpose of card counting is to predict which card will be dealt next. Are you going to get an ace or maybe a picture card? It’s easier to keep track of card patterns in a single deck when you add multiple decks. But it is possible if you have discipline and concentration.

There are many articles on card counting strategies. And you can read all of these by doing a quick search online. The idea behind the strategy is to simplify the task of tracking cards. Usually this is done by setting a higher number than what is shown on the cards.

One of the most commonly used methods is the Hi-Lo system, which aims to simplify card counting methods. Cards of 6 or less are given a +1 value, while 10 and Picture cards are -1. “Middle” cards are ignored.

The idea is to make counting easier, so if the card sequence has values ​​of Q, 7, 3, ace, then in your head you have -1, 0, +1, -1, etc.

In response to the question “Do card counters need a good memory?” We can say no, not necessarily thanks to systems like Hi-Lo.

However, you will need to be disciplined and able to record and memorize patterns of numbers.

Myth #4: It’s very easy to not get caught.

When you play a single deck of blackjack It is easy for the dealer to figure out when you are involved in card counting.

This can be seen in the strange behavior and unusual betting patterns. For example, if you hit hard on a 17 card, the dealer will start to have doubts. as well as unexpected splits and double-downs.

Insurance at inappropriate times Betting through all options Or ask to pass a few hands randomly. It’s a sign that you’re counting the cards.

There are many reasons card counters avoid single-deck blackjack: to avoid most of the detection. and to avoid maximum betting limits.

Most novice blackjack players are not concerned with traditional strategies. and often fumble about how to play That’s why their movements at the table cause occasional baffling.

For those with more experience The count will lead to a move away from the basic strategy towards what is often called a This is a “blackjack situation” where behavior changes due to counting and the prediction of an upcoming high or low card.

For example, if you are dealt 12 and your count assumes that there are still 10 more cards and a large number of picture cards in the deck. You will be persuaded to stop. The dealer will be able to read these behaviors for sure!

Myth #5: Counting cards is illegal

This is everyone’s classic casino myth.

Many people think that card counting is illegal. It saw a lot of players being kicked out of the casino when they were caught.

the truth is Card counting is not a crime – it’s just unacceptable behavior. Just because when done well It will be able to reduce the advantage of the casino a little.

You can argue that Counting cards is not cheating. Instead, you’re just using your brain power to bias your advantage back to your own benefit.

The casino has the power to ask you to quit the game. but don’t worry You won’t have to sleep in a prison if you’re caught!


Is it possible to count cards during online blackjack?

The beauty of playing in a permanent casino is that you are aware of everything that is going on around you. And that includes the dealer’s movements and their habits when it comes to shuffling the cards.

Knowing when the dealer will shuffle the cards is crucial to counting. and without this knowledge Players will have problems when trying to count cards online.

For this reason, it’s a smart idea not to try to count cards when playing blackjack online. Just because the hacks happen more often and are based on the software used instead of being touched by humans. This is called “continuous chopper”

However, there is a solution: playing live blackjack.

Here you can check the dealer’s behavior while playing. Because you are playing at a real casino from the comfort of your own home.

The great thing about blackjack with live dealers is that continuous shuffles are rarely used in games like this. The dealer will be assigned to shuffle. Makes counting cards a lot easier.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Turning profits into card counting You have to play several fast rounds.

in a traditional casino You can play any number of games from 100 to 300 hands per hour. It depends on the ability of the dealer and the behavior of the players joining the table.

Unfortunately, online blackjack tends to be slower as different players rely on various internet speeds. And they can be distracting and so on. Online games are much slower and that means turning them into positive games is much harder.

The conclusion we can say about card counting is that yes it is impossible no you don’t have to be the dream genius that Hollywood screenwriters dream up and yes you can profit from counting cards. Yes, however, doing so online is very difficult. Instead, you may spend time researching blackjack strategies in order to increase your chances of winning.

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